Forest protection Forest protection


ASK sowing device has been designed for hunting associations that have an obligation of feeding game during times when it is difficult to acquire a necessary amount of natural food to hold the animals on the forest areas.


Game seeking for food comes to a protective land stripe that makes a supplement to natural food and prevents them from a further migration towards cultivated farming fields and after foraging they return to forest areas. Ideal places for setting up protective land stripes are meadows, wastelands, areas below energetic lines or unused forest roads, places where agricultural treatments can be conducted.

The kind of fodder is targeted to a specific type of game that is going to use the protective land stripe. For boars this should be potatoes and corn enriched with legume plants, root vegetables or grain. ASK device has been designed for sowing corn on protective land stripes together with a deep soil coverage (plowing).

For purposes of such a technology the seeder has been aggregated with a two-section disc harrow (originally designed for agricultural works) thus working with the device should take place on forest areas that have been repeatedly cultivated. Intermittent stones or roots are not an obstacle for this device. It can be also used for sowing other seeds whose size allows for being dosed by the sowing apparatus (large seeds) and simultaneously whose size prevents free dropping from the apparatus or from other construction elements (small seeds).

In exceptional cases when covering seeds is undesirable sowing may take place with the harrow slightly raised above the ground, however because of an unusual position of working tools the operator should drive with an appropriately increased attention.

ASK device allows:

  1. sowing and covering corn seeds as a forage for animals
  2. even application of seeds under covering elements
  3. continuous adjustment of seed dose
  4. independence of the dose from the ride speed
  5. easy obstacle passing
  6. spaciousness of the construction makes cleaning of the device easier.



Device type


Dimensions (in storage position)


2360 mm


1860 mm


1580 mm

Height (with seed container's cover up)

2280 mm

Device's weight

570 kg

Seed container's capacity

max. 270 kg

max. 355 dm3

Sowing system powering


Electric system (controls and seeder's drive)

12V / 6A

Seeder apparatus' revolutions

0 – 55 rpm

Corn dose sown

Approximately 2,42 kg/1 turn

Harrow's working width

1800 mm

Number of sections


Disc type

Front – cogged

Rear - plain

Number of discs in a section

7 + 1

Disc diameter

510 and 465 mm

Disc span

230 mm

Working speed

5 – 10 km/h

Maximum transport speed

15 km/h

Required tractor*


Minimum 0,9 (recommended 1,4)

Nominal pulling force

Minimum 0,9 (recommended 1,4) kN


Minimum 45 kW (approximately 60 HP)

* a condition for proper tractor adaptation is achieving at least 20% weight of the entire set on the front axle

In individual cases there is a possibility of assembling the device using other working units.

Adjustment of the amount of seeds sown – through adjustment of the controller. Because the device does is not controlled by a ground wheel, the dosed amount of seeds depends on the speed of a working ride. Adjustment of the dose of seeds sown takes place thanks to an adjustment of speed of the sowing shaft.

Depth of seed covering depends on:

1. adjustment of suspension and setting up of the harrow

2. weight of the machine (working with full seed container will be deeper)

3. compaction degree (type) of soil.