Tree nursery and seed processing

WSA plant lifter has been designed for lifting plants in arboretums, together with shaking off the excess of soil from plants' root system. The lifting blade is replaceable and there is a possibility of installing blades of various widths to the same main frame (in the range of the width of the frame).

Ordering clearings and biomass harvesting

The device is mounted on and powered from tractors. Simplicity in adjustment of the device is brought down to possible changes of the position of the main body relative to the main frame of the suspension as well as adjustment of the rear protection cover position using hydraulic cylinders.

Preparation of soil and afforestation

SZ planting machine has been designed for mechanical planting on areas with a moderate stump density. Its construction allows also for planting trees on post-agricultural areas.

Forest protection

KPP water container has been designed for storing and supplying water to forest areas in times of a fire hazard to support fire-fighting.

Plantation maintenance

Krokowski's weeding roller has been designed for weeding and maintenance of plantations aged 1 to 5 years.

Wood harvesting and logging

OTL 40-32 crane has been designed for performing technological works on forest areas during loading and unloading timber on forwarding and transportation vehicles.

Road preparation and maintenance

The Universal Mulcher RSD20 (together with a roller and fixed shredding teeth) due to its construction has been designed for shredding the surface of dirt roads that are covered with turf or roads partially treated with rubble or asphalt waste.

Containers 'Clean Forest'

Waste containers KPR and KOW1-3 are designed to keep forest area clean on forest’s parkings. Designed directly for Polish State Forest. Rectangular and oval containers are easy to identify so it makes stealing difficulty.