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LZRG400 set has been designed for extinguishing small A- and B-group fires using a uniform or sprayed flow of water and heavy extinguishing foam, fed under high pressure of 40 bar.


LZRG400 can be adapted to all types of pick-up vehicles. LZRG400 has been developed to allow for a removal of the fire extinguishing module using a trolley that is a part of the set.

The set contains:

  1. 400 litre water tank with filling connector of 52 mm in diameter, top overflow and water level indicator,
  2. high-pressure unit – I.C. engine – 40 bar pressure and 50 l/min capacity membrane pump,
  3. approximately 20-25 l container with feeder fittings for foam making softener,
  4. device that intakes foam making softener during pump work,
  5. rear and side lighting,
  6. holders for mounting equipment allowing for a fast and easy hardware use,
  7. containers for protective clothing, safety boots and other equipment,
  8. additional equipment includes:
  1. hydrant tank filling hose (approx. 5m, W-52)
  2. hydrant wrench set (head and valve)
  3. reduction set 75/52, 110/75
  4. vacuum hose, length 4 – 5 m
  5. fire flappers – 2 pcs.
  6. fire-extinguisher – 2 pcs.
  7. shovels (type FISKARS) – 2 pcs.
  8. axe 1,5 kg – 1 pc.
  9. chainsaw – 1 pc.
  10. winch with equipment – 1 set.
  11. Directional signs „to the fire"  – 3 pcs.
  12. additional hose roller with 20 – 30 m hose and a quick coupler



For a better stability of the vehicle OTL adapts the container's dimensions to the cargo area for lowering the center of gravity and improving the traction characteristics.