Ordering clearings and biomass harvesting Ordering clearings and biomass harvesting

Mulcher with a container for biomass collection RSB

The RSB Mulcher has been designed for acquisition of biomass directly on the field of a clearcutting area. The device is based on the RS mulcher.


Its main body has been converted to adapt for equipping the device with a container collecting shredded biomass that allows to tip the contents into bigger containers, trailers for a further transport or to store on heaps.

The RSB device is mounted on a three-point hitch and is powered by the tractor's PTO shaft at 1000 rpm. The recommended power output of a tractor is approximately 200 HP. Additionally it is necessary to connect the hydraulic system for the container tipping with tractor's hydraulic output.

After removing the container and adjusting the supporting skids, the mulcher can be applied on post-clearcutting areas leaving the shredded biomass on the ground.

As an option two capacities of containers are available - 1,3 m3 and 1,8 m3, as well as a version with a chute to a trailer.



2100 mm


2540 mm


1700 mm


2400 kg

Operating staff required

1 person

Required tractor power

min 140 kW ( approx. 190 KM )

Tractor PTO shaft revolutions

1000 rpm

Number of knives

42 pcs

Rotor's diameter

500 mm

Rotor's revolutions

approx. 1530 rpm

Work width

2020 mm

Work speed

average 0,8 ÷ 1,5 km/h

Biomass container capacity

1,3 m3 or 1,8 m3

Tipping height

approx. 2 m