Preparation of soil and afforestation Preparation of soil and afforestation

Forest tree planting machine GNKp

GNKp forest planting machine had been designed for planting trees especially on post agrigultural areas, however its construction has undergone modifications that allow for planting on post clearcutting areas where stumps occur occasionally.

The planting machine is equipped with front cutting blade to protect the machine (especially the plough) from excessive overloads and the shape of the plough guarantees preparing a proper furrow into which plants are fed using rubber disks. The construction of the forest planting machine allows for planting seedlings of deciduous trees, but with a proper and careful handling it can also be used for planting coniferous trees (e.g. 2-year pine).

Due to a construction of transmission system powering the planting disks, the planting machine should be used on areas where soil has been prepared in advance (autumn ploughing, planting in the spring).

The planting machine is equipped with 2 seats with 2-point seatbelts, adjustable footrests, and a vinyl roof.

Due to a design of the transmission to the planting disks, the GNKp planting machine should not be used on areas with loose ground, e.g. after deep ploughing or ploughing with subsoliling.






 2350 mm

Working/transport width

 2150/1700 mm

Height with/without roof

 2230/1800 mm


 850 kg

Diameter of planting disk

 1200 mm

Number of rows


Planting depth

 up to 250 mm

Operating staff

 2 or 1 person + tractor operator

Required tractor power

 Min. 53 kW (70 HP)

Working speed

 1000 – 3000 m/h

Average efficiency

 Approx. 1000 seedlings/h