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3-element forest subsoil ripper GT

The forest subsoil ripper is designed for subsoil tillage and breaking plough-pan in forest nurseries and post-agricultural areas.


According to the working resistance it is to be mounted on the three-point hitch in a four wheel drive tractor with a minimum of 100 horsepower equipped in wheel weights on both axles.

The advantages of the subsoil ripper are:

  • a strong and basic construction,
  • an easy and safe handling,
  • a very good quality of subsoil tillage and soil loosening as well as adjustability of operating depth and width.

The blades are secured from an overstrain with shear pins and the loosening blade can be replaced in a case of wear and tear.

The operating depth is adjusted using the depth wheel and the width is adjusted by shifting the utmost blades together with their mounting plates along the frame beam.

The construction of the subsoil ripper enables mounting additional blades but one must bear in mind that this significantly increases the working resistance. The blades can also be demounted so the ripper can work with less than 3 blades depending on the terrain difficulty.




2460 mm


1060 mm


1530 mm


550 kg

Operating depth adjustment

280 mm to 590 mm

Number of blades


Utmost blades span maximum

1640 mm

Operation staff required

1 person

Tractor power min.

73 kW (100 HP)