Preparation of soil and afforestation Preparation of soil and afforestation

Active single-disc plough P1T

A main advantage of the active disc plough is leaving the fertile soil layer in almost intact condition, and shoveling only the top layer that is dry and loose. On periodic wetlands there is a possibility of forming ridges after adjustment of the angle of the transmission box and after disassembling the subsoiler.


The P1T-H plough equipped with a subsoiler and own hydraulic system has been designed for a complex pre-planting soil cultivation. It combines advantages of an active plough and cultivation with a soil ripper.

Single-disc active plough with own hydraulic system is a new construction based on existing P1T ploughs. It has a modified power transmission – own hydraulic system – PTO shaft powered, designed for soil plowing and cultivation on forest areas, works with a tractor of a power of 60-90 kW. The active P1T-H plough has been designed for tractors of a low efficiency of the hydraulic system. The minimum requirement for a proper operation of the plough is 40-50 l/min.

For tractors of a high efficiency of the hydraulic system it is recommended to apply the early P1T plough.

The single-disc plough P1T-H aggregated with a tractor while in the working position and being carried on the area for planting makes a furrow formed as a result of a rotary motion of the milling disc that tears off the top layer of soil and disposes it aside. The furrow is U-shaped and its bottom is aerated to a depth of 4 cm. The ridge is formed from mixed top soil layer. The plough can be applied for preparation of post-clearcutting or post-agricultural areas for planting as well as for introduction of planting into existing forests. After disassembling the subsoiler and after adjustment of the angle of the transmission box there is a possibility of forming ridges on periodic wetlands. The single-disc active plough with a subsoiler reduces costs in preparing soil for planting.

A single work ride allows for:

  • furrow formation
  • subsoiling up to 500 mm
  • pulverizing of the furrow

The active plough's main frame enables aggregating with SZU and SAU seeders.





1310 mm


1200 mm


2950 mm + 350 mm

Weight (with weights)

ca.  850 kg + 50 kg

Weights' weight

ca. 200 kg

Milling discs number

1 pc

Milling disc adjustment angle


Furrow width

Up to 600 mm

Furrow depth

Up to 250 mm

Milling disc diameter

970 mm

Milling rpm

ca. 36-38 min -¹

Plough's drive

Hydraulic engine

Subsoiling depth

Max. 500 mm

Subsoiling depth control



Tractor's operator

Required tractor power

60 ÷ 90 kW (ok. 80 ÷ 120 KM)


max . 2,0 ha

Gold Cone of V International Forest Fair in Warsaw, 1998

P1T Plough with subsoiler (U162)

Gold Medal on EKO-LAS Fair 2006 (Tuchola) for P1T plough with subsoiler and SZU seeder

Special Distinction of Torun Regional Directorate of the State Forests on EKO-LAS Forest Fair 1998 (Tuchola)

P1T active plough with subsoiler