Preparation of soil and afforestation Preparation of soil and afforestation

Double mouldboard plough with a Subsoiler LPz-OTL

Double mouldboard plough with a subsoiler LPz-OTL has been designed for an autumn soil preparation (ploughing, subsoiling and pulverizing). After disassembling the subsoiler it can be used for spring ploughing without subsoiling. The main advantage of the device is an independent work of the plough and the subsoiler.


Ploughing a furrow of 70 cm width with soil loosening simultaneously allows for performing both actions in a time shorter by 36% than in a case each action is performed separately. What is more, application of the plough aggregated with a subsoiler provides a better quality of soil preparation, especially of its loosening, as the subsoiler combined with the plough is always dragged in the middle of the furrow at a constant depth. It allows for establishing optimal conditions to accumulate moisture in the autumn-winter time.

The plough in this form ensures a straight line work, which in effect simplifies a further maintenance of forest plantations. As a result of numerous experiments the plough has been equipped with proper mechanisms enabling for example smooth adjustment of plowing depth and adjustment of the rear roller pressing force that prevents the turf turned over from returning back to the furrow. A properly turned over turf is a crucial element protecting plantations from being overgrown by weed.

The subsoiler's frame can be a carrier for other associated devices such as seed drills for introduction of additional species or for basic sowing.


Length with subsoiler

3560 mm

Plough's length

2720 mm


1500 mm


1400 mm

Weight (weights included)

1260 kg (approx. 200kg)

Required tractor's power

86 kW (115 HP) (AWD recommended)

Ploughing depht

Up to 150 mm

Ploughing width

Up to 700 mm

Soil soften depth

Up to 500 mm


Tractor's operator


Up to 2 hectares / 8 hours



Rogow's Owl Award (1st Fairs) 1999 for Double mouldboard plough with a subsoiler LPz-OTL