Preparation of soil and afforestation Preparation of soil and afforestation

SZ planting machine

SZ planting machine has been designed for mechanical planting on areas with a moderate stump density. Its construction allows also for planting trees on post-agricultural areas.

The machine is equipped with a front blade for protecting its plow from an overload. The shape of the plow guarantees preparing a proper furrow into which seedlings are placed by a feeding mechanism. The mechanism consists of a disc and planting arms.

The design of the planting machine allows for planting both leaf and coniferous tree seedlings of a height up to 60 centimetres.

The planting mechanism can be equipped with from 1 to 6 planting arms depending on the required seedling intervals. The distance between seedlings can be adjusted between 27 and 270 cm independently from the drive speed.

The planting machine has a roofing for its operator to protect them from sun or precipitation and which protects the seedlings from drying.






2300 mm


1700 mm


2120 mm


560 kg

Diameter of planting mechanism

870 mm

Number of planting arms

min. 1 ÷ max. 6

Number of rows


Planting depth

Up to 250 mm

Operating staff

1 person + tractor operator

Required tractor power

min 60 kW (approx. 80 KM)

Working speed

500 ÷ 3000 m/h

Average efficiency

Up to 1000 seedlings/h