Road preparation and maintenance Road preparation and maintenance


The ditcher is a device for cleaning and maintenance of ditches along forest roads.


During its work a rotating head makes in the ground a ditch of 50 cm depth simultaneously making a ridge whose height depends on position of the top cover. The most effective work is carried at well prepared areas where the road has not been hardened with stone chips or rubble and where thick tree roots do not occur. Small and thin stumps and roots will be shredded. In favorable conditions the ditcher can also be used for cleaning shallow drainage ditches or to form ridges on post-agricultural grounds, meadows or wetlands being prepared for afforestation.


The ditcher has a hydraulic drive from its built-in closed hydraulic system. The hydraulic system is powered from tractor's PTO shaft.


A new solution (PR-H2) offered by OTL Jarocin has a working head that can work in two directions. Soil from the ditch can be either thrown outside the area of the road (as it has been practiced in the previous construction) or on the road – an idea suggested by existing customers who wanted to gather the material on the road surface that would be then used for road grading and compaction.


Changing the working direction of the head is done by an operator after switching off the ditcher's power and turning off the tractor. Working parameters of this device do not vary from the parameters of the previous version.

Controlling the work of this device is done from tractor's cabin using a controller based on electronic relays that steers the hydraulic system's work.

Regular maintenance of ditches allows for an efficient work without overstraining work elements in the PR-H ditcher.

The device has been designed to work with tractors equipped with:

- three-point hitch allowing for a stiff attachment on bottom links (elimination of a side lean)

- PTO shaft







2400 mm

Width (transport / working)

2050 / 3850 mm

Transport height

2550 mm




PR-H - 1530 kg
PR-H2 - 1750 kg

Depth of ditching

up to 610 mm

Bottom width of ditch made

Minimum 220 mm

Top width of ditch made

Minimum. 920 mm

Adjustment of working depth

Arm's cylinder

Working head's diameter

850 mm

PTO shaft's revolutions

1000 rpm

Working head's revolutions

225 rpm

Head's drive

Hydraulic, own

Working ride speed

max. 700 m/h

Head's offset from the middle axis of a tractor

1,8 do 2,4 m

Recommended tractor power rating
(equipped with crawler gears)

Min. 110 HP


1 person