Tree nursery and seed processing Tree nursery and seed processing

Oak seeds dryer SSP


  • Overall dimensions: height 1250 mm, width 620 mm, length 1300 mm
  • Tray dimensions: width 620 mm, length 620 mm, depth 195 mm
  • Steel base construction on wheels with a brake and drain chamber
  • Construction in a form of a rack with 4 replaceable baskets
  • Bottom of the baskets made of stainless steel
  • Area allows for drying approximately 70 kg of seeds in a layer of 5 cm at the same time
  • Drying using a fan blowing room temperature air
  • Blowing duct to each basket closed with an adjustable flap
  • Each blowing duct has a threshold holding water and draining it outside
  • Weight 130 kg