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Root pruning machine with plant lifter PS/WS

The device is designed for mechanization of tree nursery works. The root pruning machine / plant lifter is mounted on a three-point hitch in tractors working in arboretums. Its simple but solid construction guarantees reliability.


Work depth is adjusted up to 380 mm using support wheels.

The cutting blade is replaceable as well as interchangeable with plant lifter grate of different widths using the same main frame.

In our construction we have additionally introduced adjustable position knives for root side pruning. When the working element is replaced with the grate, the device can be used as a plant lifter.

The machine is equipped with weights to assure more stable working, especially while working on a large depth. These should be used depending on the working depth and soil moisture. The operating depth is adjusted using support wheels.


Work elements of this machine produced by OTL Jarocin will fit older machines of the same type produced by other companies.




Hinged a on tractor's three-point hitch

Working widths

1250 mm, 1450mm and 1650 mm


750 mm

Height – without supporting legs

Max. 1480 mm

Height – with supporting legs

Max. 2290 mm

Weight without weights

230 kg

Work depth

Up to 380 mm


20 kg x 10 pcs

Work speed

2-5 km/h

Operating staff required

1 person – tractor operator

Recommended tractor

min. 45 kW (60 KM)

PTO drive

540 rpm