Road preparation and maintenance Road preparation and maintenance


RBR road shoulder mulcher has been designed for mowing of roadside and ditches along roads.


The device is equipped with a head with a working shaft that is assembled on a hydraulic crane that allows for work in a distance up to 4 meters from tractor's central axis on a slope along the road as well as on a counter-slope.

Working with the road shoulder mulcher is based on a slow ride along a forest road with the working head facing the surface of a roadside and shredding – or cutting – of minor vegetation (up to the diameter of 4 cm) growing in ditches and on the road shoulder.

Controlling the work of this device is done from tractor's cabin using a controller based on electronic relays that steers the hydraulic system's work.

To achieve proper work effects it is recommended to shred systematically stripes of the roadside beginning with the ones located closest to the road.

Depending on the expected degree of shredding it may be necessary to perform several work rides. In a case of high vegetation it is necessary to stop the tractor and slowly shred it through maneuvering with the crane.

The support roller assembled in the head limits the working depth of hammers thus shredding of material laying directly on the ground is limited.

Systematic roadside maintenance works allows for an efficient shredding and mowing of fresh offshoots without causing an overstrain on working elements of the mulcher. The device should not be used on areas densely covered with vegetation or surface roots. It is as well forbidden to apply the device on clearcutting areas.

Any obstacles like stumps located in the working stripe of the head should be carefully passed by. The mulcher is designed to work with tractors equipped with:

- a three-point hitch

- a PTO shaft output.

The RBR mulcher has a built-in hydraulic system powered from tractor's PTO shaft and an aggregate that allows for electric steering with an electric current up to 30A.





Shredder's type


Crane type

W43-S – produced by OTL

Head type

Flail, hydraulically powered

Shredder's weight

1260 kg

Working speed

Up to 1 km/h


1 person, tractor's operator

Drive system

Built-in hydraulic system powered from PTO shaft

Required PTO revolutions

1000 rpm

Pressure in the hydraulic system

16 MPa – crane

20 Mpa – head

Oil flow in the hydraulic system

Max. 30 l/min – wysięgnik
Max. 110 l/min – głowica

Aggregated tractor

110 – 130 KM, equipped with crawler gears

Transport position


2000 mm


1375 mm


3350 mm

Working position

Maximum outreach

4300 mm


900 mm

Hydraulic system

Type of hydraulic oil

HL 46

Hydraulic oil tank

190 l


Own controller



1100 mm


2800 rpm

Number of flails

16 pcs

Head's weight

250 kg